Hi, I'm KT Meow! Thanks for visiting my blog! I blog about personal style, fashion DIY, food, travel, fitness and life adventures.

I love watching Dexter , I think he's the coolest guy on earth. His killing skill is just wow! If I have a baby boy I will name it after him. But then I realized people might associate him with "Dexter Laboratory" or "Dexter the Last Dinosaur". Oh wait, I think it's Denver. Ugh, never mind! Hahaha! 

Like Dexter Morgan, I'm an ordinary employee at day and at night, I become an entirely different person. Ssshhhh! Don't tell anyone. Like him, I have some addictions too: 

Koala bears, pastel colors, mixed-martial arts, dresses, travel, good food, art crafts and lately, surfing! I have a mini pinscher named Hopper. My best friend asked me to adopt him, he's 2 months old now. I treat him like a baby, he's my boss. I feed him and clean his poo poo and wee wee. ;-)

I don't like watching horror films because I easily get scared and I won't be able to sleep for 1-3 days. When I say horror films I mean supernatural stuff. I'm not scared of zombies though, yeah I think it's weird. 

I made this blog because I've been writing a daily journal since I was in grade school and I realized that it's about time to upgrade, join the cyber world! Teehee! :))

Thanks for dropping by! Please don't hesitate to contact me keyt2{@}hellokitty{dot}com

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