Monday, June 3, 2013

Riding the waves of the ocean

I'm a surfin' bird! :-p
A little over a year ago, my friends and I started surfing. It’s pretty popular among people of all ages because it offers many health benefits, both mental and physical. There is no question why surfer dudes have nice bodies –lean and strong. My friend Zyra and I would often see guys with abs in the surfing area. It’s very rare to see an overweight surfer and there’s a reason for that. Surfing requires quickness, balance, muscular power, endurance and flexibility. It’s a fun total body workout!

It’s also addicting because the pursuit of waves can do wonders for the quality of your life. It can boost your mood after playing in the water for 30 minutes. According to Life Science, studies show going surfing for 30 minutes is associated with an increase in positive, upbeat feelings and a decrease in negative feelings as well as fatigue. You would often hear surfers saying, “Stoke!” A surfer lingo meaning "mixed feeling of anxiety and happiness towards the waves breaking."

my friends surfing in Baler, Aurora

Physical health benefits of surfing

Cardiovascular fitness: 
Paddling to catch waves is a nice workout for those who wants to lose flabby arms and achieve better shape. You will not get too tired because you can rest between waves. It also strengthen your shoulder and back muscles. I remember my first surfing lesson, my shoulder blade felt really toned the next day. 

Leg and core strength:
Strong legs and abs will keep you up on riding your surfboard. Every time I position myself in the board, I can feel all the weight in my core muscles. When I hop on the board after cathing a good wave, it's like "bam!" Everything turns blurry and I imagine my instructor whispering in my ear (calm voice like a yoga instructor), "Ride low by bending your knees, watch where you're going, control the board with your legs, feel the waves of the ocean..." It's phenomenal! 

Increased energy and develop endurance:
You won't notice the time if you're enjoying what you're doing. That's the fun part of surfing, it's so enjoyable that you're happy to keep going for longer. Certified Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors will tell you that it's not the intensity of your workout, but rather the time spent exercising. I remember few months ago, my friends and I went surfing for almost half day! We just stopped when we got extremely hungry.

 cool surfers I met in San Felipe, Zambales

my close friends in San Juan, La Union

model from Brazil, Fabio

Surfing can change your life, I know a lot of surfers who got hooked to it because it makes them happy and fit. I attribute whatever I may have been able to accomplish in life to my family, friends and in riding waves. -echos!

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Oh wow, I love surfing. It's such a fun, chilled sport.