Thursday, July 11, 2013

Del Monte Mac and Cheese Recipe

July July... Rainy season again. Grrr! I hate it when it rains coz I get lazy to go out and work out. I know it's not a good excuse not to work out because you can always do exercises at home. Whenever it rains, I gain weight. Why? Coz I spoil myself with comfort foods like nachos, blueberry cheesecake, burger, fries, pizza and milk tea... Now who's with me? Nom nom nom...

Few months ago, I went grocery shopping and found Del Monte Cheese Magic in dairy section when I was looking for cream cheese. I examined the packaging and found several recipes at the back. Meaty mac and cheese, cheese sticks, nachos recipes etc. I'm like, "Oh wow! This dish is easy!" So I grabbed 2 packs and bought the ingredients listed below:

Easy Meaty Mac and Cheese Recipe from Del Monte

140 g(1cup) Del Monte Elbow Macaroni
5 cups water
1 pack (200g) Del Monte cheese Magic
1/4 cup butter
1/4 fresh milk

1/4 cup ground beef
grated cheese (optional)

Makes 3-4 servings

Stir fry ground beef in butter

Boil water, add macaroni. Cook for 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Drain, do not rinse.
Transfer macaroni in the same pan. While still hot, add butter, milk, Del Monte Cheese Magic and stir-fried ground beef.
Cover over low heat for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally

Add grated cheese if you like (just like first photo) and serve. ;-)

To my dear friend Mitch: Remember when we were in Kenny Roger's? You were like, "I wonder how they made this(mac & cheese)..." Told you it's easy! Enjoy it with Koby! <3

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Shayne said...

love mac & cheese :) thanks for sharing this quick recipe i might try doing this. :D

KTs lifestyle said...

you're welcome Shayne! It's so easy, even kids can do it for sure. ;)

Ishna said...

Why does rainy season make us want to eat all thetime? Haha! I love kenny roger's mac n cheese.

Endymion said...

Wow! I'm Italian and I had Mac n cheese only once in my life in Los Angeles! Thank you for the recipe!

Tanya said...

Such a great recipe! Definitely going to make this soon. x

Tanya | Cat at Heart

Crissy Sherlaine Sayo said...

parang ang sarap naman po niyan :)

.never settle for less.

Cristina Beltran said...

It looks yummy KT! ;) Anyway, I already added your site on mine. ;)

KTs lifestyle said...

thanks Tina! :D