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Yabu: House of Katsu Review

yabu logo

I finally get to taste the katsu craze in Manila. My cousin Nica and I waited for like an hour just to get a table. Good thing we didn't stand in line because they have this restaurant paging system for waiting guests. So instead of sitting there, doing nothing, we walked around the mall (within 20ft) with the pager. 

According to their website, Chef Kazuya Takeda partnered with Yabu. He is the head of chef of Tonkatsu Takeshin, a popular tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo. Hmmm, no wonder why their katsu is delicious and perfect!

I like the katsu sauce because you get to make it yourself, which is fun! Here's how to make the sauce: First, crush the black and white sesame seeds with a mortar and pestle. Second, pour the Tonkatsu sauce and mix it. And lastly, dip your Katsu and eat! :D

yabu house of katsu -sesame
crush crush!

yabu house of katsu-sesame and sauce
mix mix!

yabu house of katsu-special sauces
salad dressings! sesame, shoyu and wasabi

yabu house of katsu -cabbage
crisp and fresh organic cabbage

Yabu is a bit expensive but hey, it's not that bad because they offer unlimited veggie (shredded cabbage), miso soup, Japanese white and brown rice, service tea and a bowl of fruit. It's really worth it! :D

unlimited miso soup

yabu house of katsu-rice tea
service tea

This is what I ordered, Original Katsudon Set.

yabu- original katsudon
Authentic katsudon, made the Yabu way: delicious cutlets dipped in egg and dredged in fresh panko, served over a bowl of steamed Japanese rice and covered with special Yabu sauce and beaten eggs.

And my adorable cousin ordered the Yabu Special Katsudon set. 

yabu special katsudon set
Yabu katsu, drizzled with a light and sweet miso-based sauce, accompanied by nori, bonito flakes and a fried egg on top. A hint of shiso, or Japanese basil, is also found in the dish adding an unexpected freshness.

I like the interior design of the restaurant because of the bright lights, wooded dividers and cute Japanese comics wall paper.

yabu house of katsu -robinsons magnolia
Kids love it, even adults enjoy reading this

yabu house of katsu- wall
on my next visit, I will order the Hiroshima Jumbo Oyster Set coz of this influential wall paper. :-p

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yabu house of katsu- bloggers

So far Yabu has 5 branches: 

Sm Megamall-2/F Mega Atrium
Robinsons Magnolia- Lower ground floor
SM Mall of Asia-2/F south arcade, main mall atrium
Sm Southmall-ground level
SM Aura-McKinley Parkway


I'm truly delighted that we tried Yabu. Everything looks fresh and organic except for the sauces. I will definitely bring my family and friends here! I have no negative comment on the food and service, except the long queues. Well I don't mind waiting because it's already part of Philippine system (waiting for a long time to get something). The bottom line, it's definitely my new comfort food. I will treat my older sis and mom this pay day, nyahaha! I like their solid recipes with good ingredients, two thumbs up! I think if the food quality and unlimited veggies are consistent, it can go global. Go Yabu!

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Shayne said...

omg i love this resto ^^ my fave is the fried salmon <3 and i enjoyed the unlimited soup and grinding those little seeds :D

KTs lifestyle said...

I will try fried salmon, but I might order it together with Hiroshima Jumbo Oyster Set on my next visit. ;-)

Steph-G said...

Ive heard so much about this place, I'm a new follower on GFC and bloglovinn and I'd love it if you followed back :) I'm a Pinay blogger too,,

KTs lifestyle said...

Thanks Steph for dropping by, you should try Yabu. You won't regret it. I will follow u back, thank you! :)