Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Now I've got you in my space, I won't let go of you

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Latch by Disclosure is my one of my favorite songs this rainy season because of the techie beat change and its meaning. I consider the the British Duo music geniuses coz they are young, Guy 21 and Howard 19 and their song were played over a million times on Sound Cloud and Youtube. 

Sam Smith on vocals made the song more seductive coz of his crisp voice. According to UK Singles chart, the "hugging" song entered at number 26 and has peaked to number 11.

 What do you do when you feel like hugging someone? You follow your instinct right? Coz that's the most natural thing to do. This song made me think of Skype emoticon "teddy bear hugs" especially after watching the music video of 3 couples latching on to each other: young couple, adult and lesbian couples. 

I think this song appeal to a lot of people because of its groovy and intimate tune. In i-d online interview, Guy Lawrence was asked about it, "I actually came up with the concept for ‘Latch’, which is a more interesting way of falling for someone. For me ‘Latch’ has structure, meaning, purpose and is the most defined thing we’ve done in terms of song-writing."

"I think it probably comes from listening to our parents make songs, and is in keeping with our desire to veer away from just being programmers, as DJ’s tend to be. We can’t seem to help writing songs."

NAPWL venue

Okay enough about explaining the song meaning. My outfit post for today is so girly. Probably most of the girly dress I have in my closet. I got this dress from a thrift shop so it's kinda loose. I should've wear a belt or something. This photo set was taken by my cousin Nica. Together with "team effort", Tesha and Bane. We were in Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, during the shoot we saw some people having their team building and tattoo photo shoot for a magazine. It was fun! I will definitely go back there coz they also have man-made lake. Isn't that awesome? :-D

fly sunglasses

KT lifestyle white dress

white girly dress

figlia shoes

Fly sunglasses
thifted dress
hand-made bracelet
Figlia shoes

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