Monday, November 4, 2013

CrossFit training

Last weekend my friend Blesz and I went to Biofitness gym in Quezon City to try crossFit training/bootcamp with coach AZ. It's a total body workout, I sweat a lot and curse a lot (sorry mom). It felt like I'm one of the contestants in the TV program The Biggest Loser. It felt like I'm getting punish for not being fit or something. But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all. I actually enjoyed it and I'll definitely go back there. 

"So what is crossFit training?", you might ask. CrossFit is a worldwide phenomenon that has hooked athletes, gym rats and anyone who just wants to transform their physique into a stronger, fitter one... all within 30-45 minutes of a workout! 

It's a strength and conditioning program that uses a variation of exercises. Includes a mixture of cardio and weights. The different exercises include running, rowing, jump rope, weightlifting and rope climbing. Along with barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, kettlebells, medicine balls and box jumps. 

Eating healthy and the right foods are necessary to benefit most from CrossFit. Paleo and The Zone diet are two popular trends. I wrote about Paleo diet before, you can find the post here

Here are some CrossFit movements we did on my first day: 

jog in place



jump squat

mountain climber

high knees

sit ups

scissor kick

I'm not gonna reveal all CrossFit movements we did coz if I tell you, I have to kill you. Just kidding! I suggest you go to Biofitness or to any gym near you. You can do all these exercises at home but it's better if you train with a physical trainer so they can tell if your doing it in the right form. Our trainer also suggested that you train with someone who is stronger than you so will get motivated to do AMRAP. (As many rounds as possible) You are given a time frame (10 minutes, 20 minutes, etc.) and are to do as many rounds in the allotted time. 

It's fun if you beat your friend's PR. (personal record) According to, most CrossFitters record their weight and times each day coz it helps with improvement. I suggest you download some phone apps that allow you to record your times, weight used, and "Workout of the day". Or you can bring a personal journal each day. You’ll see yourself improving better than without tracking.

Interested? I'm sure you are!

Please visit Biofitness' Facebook Page
Unit MO-5 986 Caly Bldg. Aurora Blvd.
1109 Cubao, Philippines
Contact: 0906 308 0738

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Thanks guys!


Jean Marata said...

Ahh! Just by looking at it (pictures) I think, I died. Lol

KTs lifestyle said...

LOL! Let's train together Love! :D

Jean Marata said...

Train me and TeSha so that we can have it for free :P

Sally Mae said...

hi KT! thanks for visiting my blog. sorry if it's only now that I drop by yours. i check your site and it is good to know that you are into surfing to! such an amazing experience right? Hopefully I can visit La union again. I'll follow you on gfc and blog lovin. hope you follow back. have a great day!

Jenny Plog said...

It sounds like a great thing to do!!!
is always good to stay healthy and fit!

Constance said...

Love it! Sounds better than the gym, I have to give it a go!