Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 Recap

Hola Amigas!

Uh-oh! It's been 2 months since my last post, sorry KTlifestyle blog. I was kinda busy and my life was kinda messed up 2 months ago but I was able to get up so I'm back on track now. (OMG what happened?!) You don't wanna know, it's freaking boring. If I tell you, I'm sure you would close this window right away and you would continue reading Fifty Shades. (I knew it!) Drop it girl! It would turn you into a nymphomaniac. LOL just kidding! I haven't even started reading it so no judgement. But one thing's for sure, if I read it, it would make me go ohh-lala just like my girl friends said. Bad influence amigas! Tsk Tsk Tsk... :)

Anyhoo, since it's already 2014, I wanna do a quick recap on what happened last year. Whether good or bad, I'm gonna share it since it's my personal blog and most people who read this are my family, close friends and virtual friends. (virtual hugs to you guys!) Thank you!


Ungga bear and Nikki died ---
It was a sad New Year's day for us. Here's what happened... We went to the province for Christmas celebration and left our 3 pets in Divine Life Pet Clinic in P.Tuazon. We left them coz there's no more space in the car, my 2 cousins and I were sitting on the back seat and we can barely move so the best thing to do is to get a hotel for dogs. My best friend Michelle recommended that clinic since she knows the owner.

2 days later, I went back to pick them up and when we got home, 2 of my dogs look sick and they no longer want to eat... I called the clinic and asked them what happened coz they were healthy when I left them & now they're freaking sick. I'm like, "Did they get a parvo virus or something?" They told me to bring them back for check up. The veterinarian did a fecalysis and told me that there's a lot of worm in Nikki's poop. She told me that we need to deworm so she can be healthy again. I agreed to do it since she suggested it and I have zero knowledge about dogs since Ungga bear is my 1st pet ever.

Few days later, she became ill. Not only her but also Ungga. I got really worried so I brought them to another Veterinarian (this time, an older, more experience vet) He told me that they shouldn't deworm a puppy if it's weak coz it will only get weaker. Nikki was confined at the clinic while Ungga stayed home with prescriptions. 

2 days later(January 1st), they both died. I saw Ungga bear catch his last breath... I broke down and sobbed like a child beside him. (damn I'm teary-eyed now) I called my vet and he said bad news, "Nikki just died few minutes ago." I shed tears, it was so heart-breaking. 

I tried to gather myself up and called Divine Life Pet Clinic. I told the lady vet about what happened. Instead of making me calm down, she yelled at me and told me not to blame the clinic for my pets' death. F*ing bitch! I cursed in tagalog and hung up when the owner picked the phone. I'm sorry but she doesn't have any customer service skill. Anyhoo, that's about it. It was a nightmare. It took me 4 months before I was able to move on. I'm sure Ungga and Nikki are in dogs heaven now. RIP.


Surfing in Zambales & meeting My Boss ---
I did surfing in La Union and Baler last 2012 and met some surfer dudes. I'm so happy I took my friend Harold's advice and stayed in San Felipe instead of San Narciso. We got a nipa hut that's just 5 minutes walk away from the beach, backyard pool for skateboarders and a big garden.

Elle holding a long board ;-)

At Liwliwa
San Felipe rocks! It's not commercialized and only few people lives there. I hope they keep it that way. I might stay in Circle Hostel in Zambales next time coz it looks cozy and you can sleep in a hammock. (I think it's cool coz I haven't sleep in a hammock for more than 2 hours)

Few days after Zambales trip, I got a freelance job online that's related to Search Engine Optimization. My boss taught me a lot of things about online marketing. I owe him big time coz until now, I'm still doing it and I'm getting extra income. Thank you Boss! :)

Gold's Gym Zumba ---
The first time I did Zumba was at Train Station in Tiendesitas last 2012. Few months later, I convinced my best friend to sign up at Gold's gym. We joined group exercises like HipHop, Core and Zumba.

In HipHop class, we have to memorize all the steps in just 1 hour and dance the whole song before the class ends. It gets confusing coz the moves were too fast like Mick Jagger. In core training, it's a pain in the ass. Don't ask me why, it's just the way it is. It is meant to punish you and torture you. It's normal to hear people scream and curse in core training. It's good for your flabs, I mean abs. Zumba is my favorite coz it's sexy and easy. :)

To be continued...

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