Saturday, September 21, 2013

DIY Camouflage shorts

kt lifestyle camouflage bikini

It's been a while since I posted on my fashion DIY tab, I noticed that most of the DIY stuff I posted were shorts. Well guess what, I'm doing another shorts tutorial whether you like it or not. :-) It's real simple, all you gotta do is recycle your old bikini with loose garter that's been sitting in your closet for over 3 years. Get rid of it girl coz it won't fit you anymore because you either got fatter or your bikini just shrink for some reason that only Science could explain. Okay let's get started!

Materials you need:

old denim pants/shorts (bleached and dyed. View tutorial here)
old camouflage bikini
pencil marker
sewing thread

ktlifestyle DIY shorts

How to make it:

1. Using a ruler and a pencil marker, draw some triangles from your old bikini and cut them out.

2. Arrange the cut out pieces on to your shorts and sew it. And again, like what I wrote before, be careful not to sew the pockets!

ktlifestyle cut and sew

3. Add studs on the linings of your front right pocket. Use the tip of your scissors to press the tail inward.

ktlifestyle studded

4. I prefer to start studding from the top all the way down. 

ktlifestyle put studs

5. And you're done! 

ktlifestyle recycled shorts

ktlifestyle back view of my shorts
back view

I wore this shorts from my last post. Hope you like it! 

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Happy weekend guys! :* 

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Razel Cayabyab said...

sissy, I miss you dear! where did you buy those studs? :)

KTs lifestyle said...

hey sissy! I miss you more! I bought it in Farmers Cubao, VLC trading. Hope to hang out with you soon! :D