Monday, January 13, 2014

Highlights of 2013

Part 2 of my last post

Adopted a dog & started this blog---
My best friend Meryl asked me if I want to adopt a mini pinscher. At that time, I haven't recovered from my lost when Ungga bear and Nikki died but I said yes right away coz I know that it will help me move on. They said replacement is the key for you to move on, but that doesn't apply in my case coz no dog can ever replace the love and loyalty Nikki and Ungga gave me. All dogs are unique, just like humans.

Anyhoo, when I took the mini pinscher home, he didn't walk. He jumped and hopped like a baby kangaroo. That's why I named him Hopper, he's a jumper. You can find the rest of the story here

Few days after I adopted baby Hopper, I got inspired & started this blog. I will be celebrating my blog's first anniversary in 3 months! :-)

Quit my job and went to a special wedding---
After staying with the company for a while, I got a home-based job offer and quit my day job. I made a stupid decision coz after a month, the SEO company shut down and they gave all their employees a big amount of money as separation pay. Son of bee! Hahaha!

The day after I resigned, I went straight to Batangas and attended my best friend's wedding. The entourage danced "Gentleman" by Psy when we were ushered to the reception. The flower girls danced like no one was watching them, it was funny and cute! After dinner I was called to give an impromptu speech and as usual, I stuttered a lot coz I'm not used to public speaking. I could say that it's one of the best weddings I attended coz I witnessed their love story from the very beginning. (courtship to wedding day) ^_^
the wedding

Won a trip to Boracay---
When I was in the SEO company, I won a trip to Boracay for two and took my mom with me for 3 days. We went island hopping, snorkeling, swimming, food trippin', visited a museum, got a massage, shopped, rode an ATV and sky cycle. My mom is the best mom in the world! ^_^

Boracay, Philippines

my mom at the puka beach

I drove a yellow ATV

My birth month---
"Go KT! It's your birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday!" Hahaha! I had 2 birthday celebrations; one with family and one with friends. I had a blast, thank you! :-D

Reunion with my lil sister---
I only get to see my little sister once a year coz she lives in the US. She used to be talkative but now that she's 9, she's a bit shy. I miss you Zammy! :)

Scuba diving & adopted another dog---
Ayiii! Discover scuba diving! My friends and I went to Puerto Galera and had diving lessons. It was hard at first but once you stay in the water, you get used to it. Equalization is the key, my friend told me to do it with my ears and sinus air spaces, so I did the trick. It's one of the adventurous thing I ever did in my life. ^_^

el canonero resort
Also in that same month, my sister adopted a shoodle. (half shih tzu, half poodle) He looks like my old Ungga bear, same face but different fur color. We called him "Macho" coz he likes to act tough in front of Hopper. ^_^

hopper the hyper dog of KT meow

Ilocos Norte and Sur---
4x4 ride at Paoay sand dunes and sand boarding were probably the most thrilling experience I ever did last 2013. Not only that I got bruises on my legs but I also tasted the sand of Paoay. It's yummy, kinda like glitters! :)

There's a lot of things you could do there, pot making, museum hopping, horse riding at Kapurpurawan rock formation, swimming in Pagudpud, zipline, and if you're lazy to use a hair dyer, just go to Bangui wind mills. ^_^

at Paoay Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Norte Rock Formation

Malaysia and Singapore---
It's my first trip abroad and I got hooked! The only reason why I wanted to go there was to visit my childhood friend Michelle AKA "my sister from another mother". It's been a while since I saw her so I booked a flight for my friend Zyra and I and arrived there in Kuala Lumpur at midnight. From the airport, the long adventure started. We went straight to Cyberjaya, ate some Malaysian food, had few drinks in their pad, power nap then off to city tour. After that we went to swimming in Desaru then drove to Singapore. We did all that for four straight days! We're like walking dead. ^_^ This trip won't be possible without you guys, Venz, JM, Loges, Romeo, Kuya Bok, Michelle and Zyra. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ^_^
Kuala Lumpur Tower

Phuket, Samui and Koh Tao---
They always say to save the best for last. Last month I got out of my comfort zone and traveled alone. Most of my family and friends didn't like that idea coz it's abroad and I didn't know anyone there. Yes it's risky but I don't care! I love it and I will do it again this 2014! It's a freeing experience for me, it's like "eat, pray love" of Julia Roberts except the part where I didn't find love in a romantic way but love for neighbors.
I went to Thailand twice, 4 days in Phuket then went back to Manila to work then flew back to there and went to Samui and Koh Tao. I spent Christmas and New Year there, it was my first absent in our family reunion and my relatives weren't too happy about it. Sorry po...

I'm gonna write the long version soon. Okay I'm sleepy, I wanna end this post with a quote from St. Augustine. "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only the first page." Yes sir! St. Augustine, I will save more money this year then after few months I'm going to travel again. Itchy feet! ^_^

Dear Past, Thank You For All Of The Lessons.  Dear Future, I’m Ready.

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Michelle Madrid said...

What a wonderful 2013 for you sissy! So much travel and fun! I really appreciate your visit and we had so much fun and craziness! We should do it again this year. OZ? ehem!We should push it! Miss you and much Love!

KTs lifestyle said...

thanks so much sissy! Yeah let's do it again! I miss you to! xoxo

Ysabel Vitangcol said...

Aww! Looks like you had a fabulous year. I also travelled to Malaysia that year and seeing the Petronas Twin Towers at night was wonderful. I follow you now via Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect, hope you can follow me back! x

Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic