Monday, January 20, 2014

Elephants in Thailand (Why You Should Not Ride Them)

I don't know if you guys read about it but some elephants in Thailand are being abused brutally during training. I watched a video on youtube and I closed it immediately coz it's very barbaric and heart-crushing. You can find the video here: (WARNING: very graphic, don't watch it if you have a weak heart)


I know that every tourist in Thailand wants to ride this giant animal, they would take pictures with them so they can post it on Instagram. (yeah including me) But after watching this video, I shut down the idea and promised that I would never ride one in any country. F that! 

When they are babies, the cruel trainers take them away from their mothers and put them in a very small cage or hole in the ground where they’re unable to move. They tame them by torturing them and breaking their spirit.

They use these elephants for tourism, they are forced to work even before their scars are healed. They endure knife stabs, bull hook injuries, mental and stress disorders, starved them, deprived of sleep for many days, plus many more difficulties. They even let the animal walk around the city and beg for food money. 

I took this photo when I was in Namuang Safari Park in Samui. The rider was holding a metal hook and he pinched the baby elephant so he could raise his nose like that. I felt disgusted when I saw the rider tap the elephant's head with a hook so he could continue walking and carry his passengers. What if I tap your head with it? Will you like it?! 

no to animal abuse

I'm sorry baby elephants, I want to adopt you but I don't have the means. I will just share this save elephant foundation so we can make a difference:

"An elephant never forgets" they will always remember things, events, and such. 

Here's a video I took of a lady playing cute with a baby elephant.

"Elephants are majestic creatures and should be left alone in their natural habitat"

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Too sad. They should treat animals like humans.