Thursday, June 6, 2013

Benefits of Boxing

Hybrid Yaw-Yan coach Jojo Anghang Tabang

Boxing has become pretty popular for those who hates running in the treadmill and using other fancy-ass gym equipment. As you know, almost everyone's always looking for a shortcut to weight loss, fitness fads like TRX and Zumba are attracting women but boxing is still my best bet. You can have lean, toned, and strong body just by punching your coach. How cool can that be? :-p

Benefits of Boxing:

1. Weight loss - the number of calories you burn doing any given exercise will depend on your body weight: the heavier you are, the more calories you burn. (source: American College Sports of Medicine) If you work on the punching bag for 1 hour, you can loose as high as 500-1000 calories.

2. Stress relief - when you box, you forget about everything else because you just focus on your target. You would stop thinking about work, love and life, you would just focus on the technique required to throw a perfect punch. According to a Research, people who box regularly are more cheerful. Getting rid of stress and tension with every punch!

3. Self-defense skills - knowing how to defend yourself in a dangerous situations is important. They said the best way to defend yourself is to run, but what if you can't run? You must fight, it’s your only option.

4. Confidence- This sport makes you feel empowered and be aware of your positive qualities and abilities. When you are confident to defend yourself physically, it translates to a psychological benefit of self-contentment and peace of mind.

5. Stronger heart - You can maintain a balanced heart rate if you box regularly because it strengthen heart muscles, building a strong heart. 

Benefits of Boxing
working with pads

wraps and gloves: thanks for protecting me

"Mixed Martial Arts classes are often full of sociopaths and karate makes you wear pajamas, but boxing does all the right things without being weird about it" -Toby McCasker

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Cristina Beltran said...

OMG KT, I envy you so much, hihi I wanted to try this too.. Is this the one from Cubao or Katipunan?


Mikez Ancheta said...

Benefits of boxing? Thought you're talking about the sports itself...the real boxing match. LOL!


KTs lifestyle said...

Hi Tina, I'm sure you will love boxing! That's in Gilmore.

@Mikez, Oh I don't anything about the match you were talking about. :)

Malds said...

Lol I instantly knew this was gilmore when I saw the pics. I train there :). haven't been able to go back in a bit tho.

June said...

I disagree with the quote, but great blog KT, keep it up! :)

Nico said...

Interesting post!

Corinne said...

I'd love to try this - I'm totally won over by the stress relief aspect, haha!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Corinne x

Poppy Lee said...

Wow!That is very cool!But I am a little afraid of it.

Fashion Riddles said...

Great dear!

Naj Clave said...

I don't think I can ever box - I'm not that intense a person as you are, KT, haha! I still prefer running though. Cool post! :)
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