Monday, June 10, 2013

Toniiiiiight, We Are Young

Hola! Here we go again with the outfit post, I know it's been a while since I posted something like this. My friend told me to stop doing this because it eats so much of my time and it's narcissistic. I'm like, "Have you heard of Fashion Toast, Song of Style and The Blonde Salad? They are my inspiration and they write about personal style too." He was like, "Nobody cares..." I'm like, "sheesh!" Anyhow, I want to relate this outfit post to a song called "We Are Young" by Fun.

I know the song is so last year, but I still like it. I still sing it in the shower and when I cuddle with Hopper. It's a happy song! Come on, who doesn't like happy songs?! It reminds me that being young is wonderful because you have your whole life ahead of you. The vocalist of the band Fun, Nate Ruess, said on an interview that the song just crossed his mind while he was driving his car, "I just starting singing, 'Toniiiight… we-are-young…' The words just came out, which is always a good sign. At first, I didn't think it was a chorus. I thought, OK, this is probably just the end part of a really long song or something. But it got stuck in my head, and I realized, 'Oh, shoot, I think this is a chorus." Then he immediately record his singing in his phone and asked his multi-instrumentalist friend Andrew Dost for the chord progression and then he ended up writing the verses using some of those chords. Cool noh? 

When you listen to the verses, the song is about a young man who needs comfort coz he's unsure of himself. He's partying with his friends in a bar then he suddenly realized that everything can be wonderful because he's young and has infinite potential. ;-)

 photos by: Mykel

Human sunglasses
Thifted dress
Girlshoppe & hand-made bracelets
Yandy tights
Centropel wedges
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Holly said...

Cute tights haha, I love that song too! x

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Londyn said...

Love this look on you!! So sexy!

Candyliquor UK said...

Love this outfit!
Very cute <3
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KTs lifestyle said...

thanks everyone! <3

Ishna said...

I love your outfit post and how you incorporated it with the song!

And thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! And yeah, sure. I'll follow you now. See you around! ;)

Rebecca said...

Cute quirky look!!!


Crystal Chizoba said...

I love your outfit!! :)
Hope you're having a Fierce & Fabulous Sunday!

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Sabrina said...

Sure blogging can take up time and it is a bit narcissistic, but if you enjoy doing it, what's it to him! Anyway, love your outfit.


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Isabel said...

very cute look!

Shayne ♥ said...

aw cute dress, looks good on you it hugs your figure nicely :)

Lucy and Mary said...

Hi! You are very beautiful! Your style is pretty amazing! I absolutely read this post ones more, because I really like it! You know I have a blog too. It is in Russian but you can translate it in your language. I will be very glad if you visit me! Lucy

KTs lifestyle said...

thank you! sure I'll follow ur blog. ;)

Kar Lina said...

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