Monday, June 24, 2013

Bike Riding

Dear KT's blog, 

It's been a while since I wrote, I said before that I will blog like twice a week, but now it's been almost 10 days. LOL! Anyways, been busy lately. What do you expect, I work too hard! Prrrrt! You know I'm kidding right? It's not in my vocabulary to work HARD. Maybe just a little but not too much. I have to save moneyyyy! Anyhow, I've been away lately, I went to the beach and snorkel w/ mom. Ya that's why I'm so tanned now. I love brown skin like Rihanna! :p If I can only stay in the sun for long hours without damaging my skin, I would. Anyways, I want to share my tiny eetsy bike experience. 

Honda CRF 50cc
I'm into fast cars, I don't know about motorcycles, but my friend told me that riding a bike is like flying. I see some crazy stunts on Youtube about riders who does superman tricks. That shit is crazy! If I'm suicidal or super adventurous, maybe I would try that too. But for now, I want to take care of myself because my family needs me. (toinks!) Hahaha! But really, I want to try stuff so even if I'm not into motorcycles, I will still ride one. Just like this small baby. That's my friend's bike. I don't know what model but it's from Honda. I admit, I got scared and shook when I first started the engine. I thought I'm gonna crash in a tree or something. LOL! Good thing we were riding on rice fields, so less chances of getting hurt. I never thought it's easy, it has same control with a big bike coz it has a clutch. It's also addicting coz I just wanna ride all day. But 1 thing I don't like about riding it is that, you inhale all the air pollution. Damn that's bad! But other than that, it's a fun experience. I would ride a bigger bike if I'm not too scared. Hehehe!

Honda CRF 50cc

Honda CRF 50cc

Until next time! 

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Joyce Perona said...

Hi KT. I think it's a Honda CRF 50cc. It's very nice.

KTs lifestyle said...

Oh nice! I didn't know u have a thing for motorcycles! Thanks Joyce! I miss your hilarious antics! :-*

BreezeyBee said...

ive always wanted a bike! but i always get told they are too dangerous for girls :/ hehe

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