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Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay Review

Whenever we go to Tagaytay, I always crave for Bulalo (Filipino Beef Marrow Stew). I don't know if it's me or the cold weather, I just wanna sip coffee or hot soup and sit on a rocking chair all day like my great-grandpa, Lolo Andres. Anyways, we went there to celebrate Mother's Day, we stood in line for like an hour or so just to get a table. We drove for like 1 hour and 30 minutes just to eat there, so yeah we're super hungry coz we waited for awhile! Waiting makes you think a lot and makes you crazy, so to relieve boredom we took A LOT of pictures. When I say A LOT, I meant gazilions! Bwahaha!

Tagaytay lake
the lake view

Tagaytay lake
 perfect view for a perfect lunch

Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay
 sooo hungry but all smiles

Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay
sweet teen cousin, our photographer =p

Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay

After 1 hour and 17 minutes, the food arrived! Yay!!! Chow time! You can ask the waiter for more soup if you like, it's unlimited if you order Bulalo Special. 
Leslie's Restaurant bulalo
Bulalo Special -tastiest bulalo ever! I like the beef coz it's soft and not gummy-like. You can chew it finely and it melts. LOL! I'm exaggerating. But really, I like it coz it's super tasty and the vegetables are fresh. Sweet corn, crunchy string beans and not over-cooked chinese cabbage, perfection! If you want more flavor, you can slice few red chili peppers in a saucer and add few drops of fish sauce.

Leslie's Restaurant pinakbet con lecheon
Pinakbet con Lechon- I'm Ilocano so my taste buds are used to eating this vegetable dish. There are different versions of Pinakbet depends on what area in Northern Luzon. Some people add flowers of bitter melon, some put a lot of sauce, others add fish instead of pork, etc. Whatever your version is, I'm sure I'll like it. I like it coz it's vegetable, duh? Healthy living! =p Anyways, their Pinakbet is not as tasty as what they have in the province but I still like it coz it has Lechon toppings, lack of taste compensates.

Leslie's Restaurant fried chicken
 Lechon Kawali and Deep Fried Chicken- I don't have much to say about this dishes coz they're fried. I guess I just need to comment on the sauce? Well okay, for the sauce you can either make it on your own or just ask for a gravy. Some people like soy sauce w/ few drops of lemon or calamansi. But me, I prefer gravy. I like their gravy coz it's not too watery, it's kinda sweet and spicy.

Leslie's Restaurant spareribs
Grilled Spareribs- Bbq!!! Who doesn't love it? It's nice to eat it with hands coz it's boney and the meat is in between the ribs. It reminds me of Hopper, my hyper dog. I like the consistency of the flavor, peppery and sweet. We ate everything but since we used knife and fork, we weren't able to get the meat that were hiding. I let Hopper do his job. I took the bones at home. Teehee!!! I love Hopper so much!

Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay
 from my couz instagram ;-)

Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay
 my sweety pie, Nica

Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay
 satisfied bellies :-)

Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay
 we took advantage of taking pictures coz they have really nice garden landscape
Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay
 I forgot what we were laughing about, I like this photo. Good times!
Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay
 you can eat in the Nipa Hut but it has a curfew, 'til 4pm only coz of thick clouds formation

Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay
 You can no longer see the lake in the background coz of the low clouds

 Big sis instragraming the hanging Bridge

I love you mom!

We'll definitely go back to Leslie's Restaurant!

Tagaytay Aguinaldo Highway, 
Silang Crossing WestTagaytay, 
Cavite, Philippines
Phone Number (+63 46) 483-1065

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