Friday, May 31, 2013

20-minute exercise

It's been a while since I posted a topic about fitness. Last week, I enrolled in a swimming class, yoga, pilates and zumba. I know I'm crazy! I spent all my money there, now I'm broke! LOL! Yesterday I trained my friend Leah how to swim. I taught her freestyle and breast stroke. She got it real quick, she's a fast learner! She told me that she will swim everyday starting tomorrow morning. I'm happy coz I see her dedication and she's eager to learn more! 

Anyhow, I want to share this 20-minute exercise. It's so easy, I got it from Domestic Mama. I've been doing this exercise since March. Like every morning when I wake up I would set up my mat and do this. I sweat like a pig on my first 3 days but when I get used to it, whew! So easy! :) Please try to do it too, it's just a mini-exercise, short and easy, so please no more excuses! As Nike says, "Just do it!"

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Spoonful Of Diamonds said...

great post!! ill have to try it


 Ms. Allee said...

Thanks for sharing!*
Will definitely try!*


KTs lifestyle said...

I'm sure it's going to be really worth it to try it ladies. My sister made 1 set. She sweat like a pig. lol! ;)

Corinne said...

I would love to do something like that this month - what is a wall sit though?

Corinne x

Mikez Ancheta said...

Intense! Sweat is getting out of my body by just reading the exercise involved. Well, if you have time, you can also try Insanity and Insanity:Asylum workouts.


KTs lifestyle said...

@Corinne a wall sit is like a squat but your leaning against the wall as if you're sitting, your legs should be on a 90-degree position. Just hold it for 60 seconds and it will strengthen & tone your legs.

@Mikez I search on youtube about Insanity Asylum Workout and it looks harder than my 20-minute workout. Thanks I will try it this week. :)

Poppy Lee said...

nice pictures! Pls put more! Shall we follow each other? i love comment and browse blogs i followed!
Pls leave a message if u follow me , i will follow back soon~ lol

Poppy Lee said...

hey honey thanks for ur following! im following u back! thanks!

Nicky mywishstyle said...

Good Post!