Friday, April 19, 2013

Boracay baby!

I love going to the beach! Who doesn't right?! The warm breeze of the ocean makes me feel relaxed, I get to sip fresh coconut juice, get a tan and people watch! Yeah I love people watching, especially when I see cute guys with abs!      Nyahaha! Of course I wear sunglasses so that they can't tell what I'm looking at. (I got that tip from watching too much CSI Miami. :p) Anyways, they held a contest in our office and the person who gets to close more deals within a time period gets the prize. 2 round-trip tickets from Manila to Boracay, hotel accommodation and pocket money. Guess what?! I'm the lucky bastard! Wooohoooo! I'm going to bring my mom with me and my brother might join us. 

This is my 3rd time going there, 2008, 2011 and now, 2013. The new development I heard is that there's more fast food chains now than before. Errrr, okay. Hahaha! 

Here are some fun things to do in Boracay:

1.  Island Hopping - Go to Crystal cove island and Puka beach. You can pick some shells there and play with the monkeys that are chained to a tree. (I'm not sure if they are still there though)

2. Eat - Lobsters are great! You buy and they cook it for you. 

3. Sunbathing - Tan lines are super sexy but don't stay out in the sun w/o sunblock lotion. I got sunburned before and it's not fun at all.

4. ATV (all terrain vehicle) - check out the highest peak of Boracay (Mt. Luho)  and pet a black bat.

5. Water sports - helmet diving/reef walking, parasailing, snorkeling, diving, fly fish, skim boarding, jetski etc.

6. Zorb ball- be careful not to break some bones, you don't want to be like Kevin Ware, do you?

7. Cliff diving - I haven't tried this but it's in my to do list when I go back to there. At Ariel's point you can dive from different levels, like 10- 55 feet. I can't wait to jump! 

8. Bar hopping- Cocomangas shooter bar, Epic, Hey Jude, Juice bar, etc. I can't remember the rest but it's all lined up in Station 1 to 3.

9. Massage - You'll see a lot of masseuse walking around. Some will ask you if you want to get hairbraids or henna tattoo. Don't freak out it's temporary.

10. Sunset watching - My favorite! I like it when I see how fast the sun goes down. She's so pretty every time she hides from the clouds. :)

(photo credit: Meryl Madrid)
I'll see you soon Bora! :-)

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