Saturday, April 27, 2013

DIY floral shorts

I've been seeing a lot of floral-inspired clothes lately so I decided to make my own version. I wore this shorts in my outfit post yesterday and got so many likes on facebook and instagram. My older sister got inspired with this project, so she drove to the nearest trading store and purchased some materials. Tomorrow I will help out my baby cousin Nica to bleach her denim shorts and make ombre-dyed shorts(click here for the DIY). Just like what I promised in my previous post, here's the tutorial for it! <3

Materials you need:

old denim shorts (bleached and dyed to your preferred color)
pencil marker
sewing thread
floral fabric

How to make it:

1. Using a ruler and a pencil marker, trace the lining of your shorts that you want to be covered with floral fabric.

2. Cut out what you traced.

3. Place your cut-out floral fabric on to your shorts and sew it. If you don't know how to sew, use a sewing machine. (be careful not to sew the pockets!)

4. Add studs in front and at the back pocket of your shorts. Use the tip of your scissors to press the tail inward.

5. And your done!

Tell me whatcha think! I love reading comments! Thanks! Enjoy the summer! 

Happy Weekends! <3

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Patricia Paramo said...

Wooow very creative! Brunette Letters Blog

KT's lifestyle said...

thanks Patricia! :-) I hope you can make one too! :)

Lee Mars said...

You're really good! :) Nice!

KT's lifestyle said...

Thank you Lee! I appreciate your time in checking out my blog. <3