Monday, May 13, 2013

Election 2013

We just voted. As always, Hopper the photobomber! ;)

5 things to expect in Election day:

1. long lines - you have to anticipate what time people would come. Usually most people would vote early, I suggest you vote before lunch or before closing time. Less people, less hassle.

2. media - they are everywhere! Some are undercover. We saw a reporter from GMA 7 interviewing some Barangay officials about giving out flyers, the reporter said it's not allowed on election day. The guy insisted that it's just a voters guide. Oh well!

3. conk out poll machines - I was inserting the ballot slowly thinking that the machine will take it, a poll watcher said it's defective so just drop it in the box. Useless! How can they guarantee that all the ballots will be secured?! Just thinking out loud...

4. meet and greet - you might see some of your friends and acquaintances, greet them and say hello. I saw like 5 of my grade school classmates and 4 childhood friends, instant mini-reunion! :-)

5. dirty finger - a semi-permanent ink will stain your forefinger, bring wet wipes if you don't want to stain your clothes and stuff.

How was your voting experience?

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Karrie Nodalo said...

Hi, KT! Saw you on Yahoo news! Nice blog, btw.:)


Karrie Nodalo said...

btw, where's your google follow button? haha :)

KTs lifestyle said...

Hi Karrie I'm happy u saw my comment on yahoo. :) I will add my google plus widget later. Thanks for reminding me. :)

<3, KT

Karrie Nodalo said...

KT, finally followed you! :)