Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wakeboarding at CWC (Camsur Watersports Complex)

Wakeboarding was developed by surfers from a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques. They did this as a way to have fun on days when there were low waves. Smart idea right?! They said it can burn 350 calories per hour and also tones up arm, leg, abdominal and back muscles.

CWC is the first world-class watersports complex in the Philippines and in Asia, and now there's another branch in Nuvali called Republic Wakepark. (I'll write about it soon) My friend from Naga City brought us there since it's been 2 years since he visited his hometown. Here are the rates for the wake park. You also have to leave 1 valid ID and deposit Php 500 for the helmet and vest rental.

we picked half day & got a free use of the swimming pool

The CamSur Governor and his son were there too! (and so? hahaha!)

Since it's our first attempt, the instructor suggested to do kneeboarding first, and then wakeboard on Winch Park (practice area). He said CWC is a six (6)-hectare complex and has a 6-point cable ski system. (what's with all the numbers? lol!)

I'm ready to go!

I look like a speedy turtle! :-p

My friend, Zyra came after me. ;-)

after 4 rounds of kneeboarding, I got a reward: blisters! :-p
But it's okay, it didn't hurt that much

Winch Park (Practice area). I fell so many times in that muddy water! The water tasted like dark chocolate drink, I know right!? :-p

Zyra wakeboarding like a pro! ;-)

Too tired to try again, time to cool down!

My friends ordered pizza and beer

Laing Pizza (Taro) 
Main ingredients are taro leaves, red chili peppers, coconut milk and mozzarella cheese. I know it sounds weird but I like it, it's spicy and milky at the same time.

free use of pool, yay! :)
When we were relaxing in the pool, a lady almost drowned. I was gonna save her but the lifeguard was quick enough to jump in and save her. His cellphone in his pocket got wet, I feel sorry for him but I know that good things will come for those who help others.

Swimming fee: PhP 120.00 per hour, PhP 200.00 half day, PhP 380.00 whole day

The cabanas. I didn't ask for the accommodation rates coz we're staying in my friend's house. But in case you want to know, please check their website.

closing time! I will try this again in Nuvali Republic Wakepark. :)

Camsur Watersports Complex Office:
Provincial Capitol ComplexCadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur
Contact Number: (054) 477 3344 / (054) 477 3349
Fax Number:+63(54) 477-3347
Mobile number: +(63) 917 8954156 or +(63) 999 8893697

Happy (rainy) summer!

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