Friday, May 10, 2013

Taal Volcano Guide

Taal volcano, "an island within a lake", that's what its called according to our tour guide. It's the smallest active volcano in the world and second most active volcano in the Philippines (with 33 historical eruptions). It's advisable to go there early in the morning like 6 or 7 because it gets too hot from 10am-3pm. I've been there twice and got sunburned on my first trek coz we got there around 10am. On my 2nd time, I learned my lesson so we got there early.

Things to bring

good trekking shoes
extra clothes and towel
sunblock lotion
insect repellent lotion

How to get to Taal Volcano from Manila?

1. From MRT Taft station, take a bus or van going to Nasugbu Batangas. Ask the driver to drop you off at rotonda circle of Tagaytay. From rotonda, you have 3 options: rent a van for Php 2000, rent a tricycle for Php 800 or take a jeepney going to Tanauan, Batangas public market. From there you can take another jeepney going to Talisay for Php 20+ The road from Ligaya drive to Talisay is kinda narrow, expect a bumpy but fun zigzag ride. 

2. Once you reach the shoreline of Taal lake, you need a boat ride going to Taal volcano (Php 1500 roundtrip- good for 4). The first time we went there they charged us Php 1800, if they charge you that much, leave them and wait for them to chase you and drop the price. ;)

3. There is a docking fee of Php 20 per boat and tourist fee of Php 50. From there you can either trek or ride a horsey horsey. Horse ride is Php 500, if you want a guide, additional Php 250.

just another crater, most tourists mistakenly thought it's Taal volcano

since I'm not wearing trekking shoes, I had no choice but to ride a horse. It will take you 40-60 minutes to reach the top by trekking, 20 minutes by horse ride.

when you reach the top, drink fresh coconut juice. They also sell other souvenir items like T-shirts, hand-made stuff, food, etc.

I found a red rock, so cute!

Highest peak in Taal. Feel the rocks (be careful though, its hot!)

So steep! I'm so scared to walk coz I slipped a few times. You'll also see carvings on the red rocks like "John was here", "Mike hearts Bruno", etc.

Taal volcano is scary but fun to explore! When you look down, you will see some part of the water is boiling. It's like if you fall there, it could cook you instantly! I think some people are allowed to go down the crater coz I watched on TV long time ago that Kuya Kim Atienza cooked eggs in the crater. He also went to Taal to find out about Stegodonts (ancestors of elephants and mammoths), they were said to exist during the Pleistocene Era but were completely wiped out when Taal volcano erupted. Experts retrieved stegodont tusks in the area that further proved their existence. You see, you learn so many things from travelling. ;-)

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” 
– St. Augustine

This year, I will travel more! Philippines first, then the universe! Teehee!

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Calv said...

pumunta ka dyan mag-isa just for the sake of it? hanep! :) di pa ako nakapunta sa crater ng taal.

KTs lifestyle said...

@Calv, lol no. Kasama ko c x jan. hahaha!

#phoebe said...

Great photos! Do you live in the Philippines, or just visiting? I'm a fellow filipina but haven't been back to visit since 2003!
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Corinne said...

Cooking eggs in the crater? That sounds insane!

Looks like a lot of fun. I really like your blog therefore I shall follow you!

Corinne x

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KTs lifestyle said...

@phoebe, yup I live in the Philippines, you migrated to US? I'm following u now on Bloglovin. ;)

@Corinne Thanks so much! I will follow u too! :)

@StyleID thanks too! :)

Happy Mother's day to your moms! :)

april said...

awesome, I always wanted to go visit taal volcano one day..great blog im ur new follower hopefully you follow me back :)

KTs lifestyle said...

Happy mother's day April! I'm following u now on google connect & bloglovin. Take care! :)


Pinoy Adventurista said...

awesome guide! thanks for sharing! :)

Ma. Cristina dela Cruz said...

Nice blog entry, really informative :)
Do you still remember the travel time from Tagaytay to the Taal shore line?

Thanks :)

KTs lifestyle said...

Hi Christina,

I think it would take you 30 minutes to 45 minutes from Tagaytay City. Thanks for dropping by! :D

Terry Sustarsic said...

Hi! Very helpful blog! I'd like to know some more though. My friends and I are about to go there next month. Could tell you me how much you spent going to Taal? Is having a guide mandatory? Would it be more convenient if we just go straight to Tanauan from Cubao? I'm the one charge of keeping our wallets happy so please help me. Thank you!^^ Terry.

KTs lifestyle said...

Hi Terry,

By the time you read this you will probably say, "thank God you replied! I no longer need your advice KT!" Please accept my apology. I just opened my blogger account now. But to answer your question, and for the benefit of the other people who might come across my site, I will answer your inquiry. We spent approximately Php 5000 for Taal trip including boat transpo, horse ride and tip for the tour guides. It's better if you're going there with 3-4 friends so you can divide the expenses. :)

Chen Mencias said...

I am doing a carrying capacity study for Taal volcano. it will be great if you can fill up the questionnaire below. It will also help if you can pass on the link to people you know who have also been there. Many thanks.