Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wall Climbing at Power Up Centro Atletico

If you're thinking of strenuous activity that involves legs and arms work out, this activity is perfect for you. Last weekend my colleagues and I went to Cubao, Quezon City to try out the indoor wall climbing. At first I was thinking, "Oh, this is cheese balls! I'll be bored later." Then after reading the standard procedures and climbing signals, I was like, "Uh oh! Information overload! Do I really have to memorize all this?!"

Standard Procedures and Climbing Signals:

1. After checking your carabiner locked into your harness, approach the climbing wall and shout <CLIMBING!>

2. Wait for your belayer to respond with <CLIMB ON!>

3. Shout <TENSION!> if your rope is too loose.

4. Shout <SLACK!> if your rope is too tight, pulling you off balance.

5. Shout <FALLING!> if you feel like letting go mid way up the wall.

6. Signal your belayer with <DOWN!> when you have reached the top.

7. Wait for your belayer to tension your rope

8. Wait for your belayer to shout <LET GO!>

9. Stay facing the wall, gently kicking away from the wall to prevent hitting your knees on the holds.

10. Enjoy the ride down :)

After reading the procedures I became nervous, Kuya Frank (our guide) was cool enough to make us feel comfortable. He introduced us to his partners named Grigri and Carabiner. Grigri is a assisted braking belay device manufactured by Petzl designed to help secure rock-climbing, rappelling, and rope-acrobatic activities while Carabiner is a metal loop with a spring loaded gate used to quickly and reversibly connect components in safety-critical systems.



Kuya Frank said we have to wear climbing shoes that is 1 size smaller than our original size. I'm size 8 so he gave me size 7.

shoe size matters

After learning everything that we have to know (belaying, climbing, safety precautions, etc.) it's time to power up!

 Marj belaying

Maine climbing

KT sleeping

Just kidding! I climbed like a ninja too, after 5 rounds of going up and down (different wall angles), I took a nap in the dressing room. My colleague was quick enough to take this photo! LOL!

wall climbing 170php
climbing shoes 40php (or you can bring your own)
harness 30php 

Centro Atletico
25 West Road Corner North Road, Cubao
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: +63(2)4127480

all smiles

Are you ready to power up? I like reading your comments. 

Happy Labor day!

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barefoot duchess said...

I am so jealous!! I wanna do this too!!

Malds said...

Unli ba yung 170??? I remember someone telling me on pinoyexchange na may unli sila. This is where I plan to climb din (regularly sana) once I get my shiz together lol.

KTs lifestyle said...

@Angeliki Try it, it's gonna be worth it! :)

@Malds Yup it's unlimited! Climb as many walls as you can! :)

Paint Me Blooming said...

I cant do it, you're brave, but my boyfriend is a huge fan and does it pretty good :)I admire you for that as well!

have a look at it if you want, it's the presentation of climbing center in Newcastle upon tyne:


Andrea said...

that looks fun and you are so pretty! Can we please follow each other? Also I have created a new diary: "The Andrea Diaries" read about that at my latest post to know about my adventures!

Stefanie Laya Uy said...

5 rounds? wow ah :D

Kyra said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Right now, I‘ve got my FIRST WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY - it‘s a great gift and I think you might like it! Why don‘t you take a look and join it?! Love, Kyra

Francois said...

Wow thanks, it means a lot to me :')

** elgee** said...

wow... I've been trying to try this and be more adventurous.. Thanks for sharing :)


Calv said...

cheese balls ba? hehehe or meron kang wall na hindi na-complete? kulit nung shot na KT sleeping. hahaha.

KTs lifestyle said...

Hi Calv,

I wasn't able to climb in the box type walls. Hirap eh! hehehe! :)

Thanks 4 visiting my blog! :)


Calv said...

thanks for visiting mine first. May i suggest something? you can use the Insert Jump Break (beside the Insert Video button) in Blogger so that the front page will not display the whole post. this way, your readers don't have to scroll down too much to look at the next posts. this will also give you more pageviews because a reader will have to click on the actual post to read everything.

KTs lifestyle said...

thanks Calv for suggesting the insert jump. I've been thinking of doing that but I'm still lazy. Will try to do it tonight. :) I appreciate it! :)

Calv said...

i saw it na. looks good. much cleaner na yung homepage. nice!

KTs lifestyle said...

thanks to your suggestion! I appreciate it. If you have more tips to share, I'm all ears. :)


vanitylodge said...

Hi sis! Want to know if they have shower rooms?

KTs lifestyle said...

yup they have shower rooms. :D

vanitylodge said...

Ooh! Great! Thanks sis! I love the format of your blog! ^_^ and thanks for visiting mine. :D

Cat Suelo said...

I suggest you try wall-climbing at BaseKamp (I think they're known as Camp Sandugo). They actually have this group wall-climbing thing which is so cool. I found about it here:

KTs lifestyle said...

Thanks Cat! I will google it. ;-)

prettylittleme said...

Hi do u still climb